How Do I Remove a Blower Resistor in a 2001 Pontiac Aztek?

by Christian Killian

The blower resistor on most cars and trucks controls the speed of the blower motor by changing the voltage that reaches the motor when the speed switch is moved from one setting to another. On the Pontiac Aztek, the resistor is part of a controller mounted on the front of the blower motor housing under the passenger's side dash. If the motor runs on high but not on any other speed, there's a good chance that the resistor is no longer functioning and needs to be replaced.

Locate the blower motor under the passenger's side of the dash. Find the blower controller to the left of the motor and disconnect the wiring harness connection on the controller from the connector on the wiring harness.

Depress the locking tab as you separate the two halves of the connection. Lay the connector from the wiring harness aside where it will not get damaged.

Locate the two retaining bolts on the bottom edge of the controller and remove them with a socket and ratchet. Pull the controller off the housing and remove it from under the dash.

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