How Do I Get a Replacement Nissan Intelligent Key?

by Christina Roberts

Nissan Intelligent Keys can be replaced only at an authorized Nissan Service Center by the registered car owner. The key will need to be programmed by the Nissan Service Center with the car physically present at the Service Center, which might involve having the vehicle towed if no spare key is available. The registered car owner must appear in person with ID that matches the current car registration.

Locate the nearest Authorized Nissan Service Center

Go to http://www.nissanusa.com/apps/dealerlocator to locate your nearest Authorized Nissan Service Center.

Get a Price Quote and Make an Appointment

Call the nearest Nissan Service center and tell them you need to have an Intelligent Key replaced. Get a price quote. Make an appointment to have your new Intelligent Key programmed at a time when you can arrange to tow or drive your car to the Service Center at the appointed time.

Bring Car and Proof of Ownership

Appear in person with your car at the Nissan Service Center and bring original vehicle title, current vehicle registration and driver's license, along with payment for the replacement key and programming.

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