How Do I Remove an E150 Headlight Assembly?

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Ford E150 is a commercial van that's part of the Ford Econoline series. If your E150's headlight assembly is cracked or badly scratched, you might want to think about removing it and installing a new one. The E150's headlight assemblies are held in place with simple screws. Removing either assembly takes less than five minutes and requires minimal automotive skill.

Turn the headlight knob to "Off" and turn the E150's engine off. Open the hood.

Remove the three Phillips screws from the headlight assembly. There are two screws on the bottom front, and there is one screw on top of the assembly.

Pull the headlight assembly out a few inches. On the back, squeeze the tab of the electrical connector. Push the connection up, and then pull it rearward to unplug it.

Slide the headlight assembly toward you to remove it.

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