How Do I Remove an Alero Shift Knob?

by Eric Grosso

Removing the shift knob from an Oldsmobile Alero is useful if you're going to replace the original knob with an aftermarket shift knob--there are a lot of options in the aftermarket part world that would fit the Alero. Or, you may have a repair that requires removing the shift knob to gain access to other parts. In either case, removing the shift knob takes just a few minutes, so you'll soon be on your way to having a new, custom knob or getting on to that larger repair job.

Place the car in "Drive" and engage the parking brake.

Remove the small retainer clip on the knob by prying out the clip with a small screwdriver or nail punch. The clip is located midway up the knob on the back side (toward the radio).

Pull the knob straight up until it clears the shift lever.

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