How Do I Change Spark Plugs in a 2005 Nissan Maxima?

by Jeremiah Blanchard
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The Nissan Maxima is a luxury sedan with a lot of horsepower. The vehicle is built on a lightweight body frame, which enables high torque, combined with a V6 3.5 liter engine. Proper maintenance on your Nissan Maxima is essential for the vehicle to remain at an optimal performance level. As with any vehicle, the spark plugs on a Maxima should be changed periodically, every couple of years or so, to ensure that the engine responds efficiently. Changing the spark plugs on a 2005 Nissan Maxima is just like changing spark plugs in many other makes and models of vehicles, and can be done with little difficulty.

Step 1

Remove the engine block cover. This is a plastic cover that can be removed by unscrewing four bolts located on top of the cover. Disconnect the battery as well.

Step 2

Locate the distributor cap wiring that connects to the spark plugs. The spark plugs are seated in recessed cylinders on the engine block, connected to the six wires. The wires protrude outward from the engine block.

Step 3

Twist and remove all the wires connected to the spark plugs. Twist the wires counterclockwise then pull them out of the cylinders.

Step 4

Use a spark plug removal wrench to remove the spark plugs. Insert the hex-shaped tool into the cylinder then twist counterclockwise to loosen and remove the spark plugs.

Step 5

Insert the new spark plugs into the cylinder by placing them on the end of the spark plug wrench then inserting them. Twist clockwise to tighten the spark plugs into position. Do not overtighten the plugs.

Step 6

Replace the distributor cap wires on the spark plugs by pushing them on and twisting clockwise. Replace the engine block cover then reconnect the battery.

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