How do I Look Up the Value of a Vehicle?

by Ashley Eby

Knowing the value of your vehicle can save you a lot of hassle. If you want to sell your vehicle, you will know the value so you don't under- or overprice the vehicle. It's also helpful to know the value if you happen to get in an accident and your insurance decides to total the vehicle; that way you'll know what it's worth and you won't be undercut by the insurance company. If you're in the market to buy a vehicle, knowing it's true wholesale, retail and private-party values will help you make a fair and informed purchase.

Click the Internet button on your computer's desktop. Type into your browser.

Click on "used cars" on the Kelley blue book homepage. Select the vehicle year, make and model of your vehicle and click the red "go" button.

Select Trade-In Value, Private Party Value or Suggested Retail Value. The Suggested Retail Value will give you a better idea of the bank will loan on the vehicle which will help you price your vehicle better.

Select the vehicle details and equipment details. This section is important for making sure that you get a more accurate price listing. Click "Continue" at the bottom of the page.

Click "print" at the top of the page to print out the suggested retail value to keep for your records. This price will be a starting point for negotiation for seller and buyer.


  • check Another well respected website for gleaning accurate values of vehicles is Both Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book estimate some facets of a used car's value, so in many cases the values for a single car will differ slightly from one resource to another.

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