How do I Change Kubota 7500 Hydraulic Oil?

by Mark O'Brien

The Kubota B Series 7500 tractor is a small-framed tractor that you can use for a variety of jobs. Certain components of the Kubota 7500 tractor, such as the loader and rear three-point hitch, require hydraulic oil to move them via pressure in the hydraulic oil hoses. Over time the viscosity and additives in the hydraulic fluid will wear out; change the oil every 1,000 hours.

Park the Kubota 7500 on a level location. Shut it off.

Go to the rear of the Kubota 7500 tractor.

Unscrew the hydraulic oil fill stick located above the drawbar on the back of the tractor.

Slide the bucket under the rear end of the tractor.

Find the hydraulic oil drain plug in directly in line with the hydraulic oil fill cap below the tractor. Unscrew the hydraulic oil drain plug with the proper sized wrench -- usually 5/8-inch if it's never been replaced.

Tighten the hydraulic drain plug back in tightly after all the oil has drained out into the bucket.

Stick the funnel into the hydraulic oil fill hole. Add fresh hydraulic oil slowly. Continually check the hydraulic oil level with the oil fill stick.

Remove the funnel and tighten the hydraulic oil fill stick back into place.


  • check Take the used oil to an auto repair shop to dispose of it -- most usually charge a small fee.

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