How do I Install a GM1310113 Door Handle?

by Blaze Johnson

Between 1988 and 1997, Oldsmobile produced the Cutlass Supreme, using GM's front-wheel drive "W-body" platform. Two-door "W-body" Cutlass Supremes employ vertically mounted door handles installed on the upper door pillars. Dealing with a broken exterior door handle will make entering and exiting the vehicle all the more difficult. Replacing the broken or defective driver's side door handle for your Cutlass Supreme is an easy task when using the correct tools. The GM1310113 features a paint-matched black exterior and will directly replace the old factory door handle.

Open the driver's side door, and remove the small cover on the top inside portion of the door pillar, using an appropriately sized Phillips head screwdriver. The cover resides directly behind the exterior door handle mechanism.

Examine the threaded door handle rod, located directly below the door-lock cylinder. Mark the position of the small round coupler threaded to the door handle rod, using a marker. Marking the door handle rod threads aids in the installation process.

Remove the two nuts securing the door handle to the door frame, using an appropriately sized socket. Disconnect the solid, round rod from the door-lock cylinder by removing the connection clip with a flat-head screwdriver.

Rotate the threaded door handle rod counterclockwise, using your fingers. Rotate the threaded rod until you free the handle arm completely from the rod.

Remove the exterior door handle assembly from the door frame. Remove the round-lock cylinder from the old door handle assembly, using an appropriately sized Torx screwdriver.

Install the lock assembly into the corresponding mounting area on the new door handle assembly.

Position the new exterior door handle assembly in the door, making sure the bottom edge fits between the metal door frame and the rubber weatherstripping near the window opening.

Thread the door handle rod into the round coupler located on the interior handle lever. Continue rotating the rod clockwise until the coupler reaches the marker lines on the threaded rod.

Connect the solid door-lock rod to the arm of the door-lock cylinder and lock the clip into place. Secure the door handle assembly to the door frame, using the original nuts and an appropriately sized socket.

Lower the driver's side window and close the door. Attempt to open the door with the new exterior handle. If you cannot open the door using the exterior door handle, open the door from the inside and rotate the threaded rod clockwise, two full turns.

Open and close the door repeatedly, using the exterior door handle. Repeat adjustments to the threaded rod, as necessary. Replace the cover after completing the adjustments.

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