How do I Decode a Triumph VIN Number?

by Kenrick Callwood
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British made Triumph motorcycles have a worldwide following. As with all types of commercial motor vehicle, Triumphs come with a vehicle identification number (VIN) that provides information about the motorcycle. These numbers include information about where the motorcycle was manufactured, the model, engine type and other important information used to positively identify the vehicle. VIN numbers are also used during vehicle registration and are recorded during maintenance. Potential owners may also use a VIN number to determine whether the vehicle has had any accidents or other important maintenance issues. Triumph uses a specific VIN structure that makes it easy to decode.

Step 1

Locate the VIN number. The VIN number is stamped on a small VIN plate underneath the seat and on the registration documentation. For example, SMTTF600MGX100001.

Step 2

Write down the first three digits. These digits correspond to the manufacturer. For example, SMT means Triumph.

Step 3

Write down the next two digits. These digits indicate the model type. For example, TF denotes a TF which is short for Sprint ST TF.

Step 4

Make a note of the next three digits. These indicate the model number. A 600 would indicate a 600 cc motor, which to follow the previous examples means a Sprint ST TF 600.

Step 5

Write the following digit, which is the motor number. This digit represents the engine configuration, which is the number of cylinders multiplied by the bore and divided by the stroke. An "M" indicates a 3*79/65 motor configuration.

Step 6

Proceed to with the next digit, which denotes the final drive ratio. A "G" in this case. This is equal to a drive ratio of 18/43.

Step 7

Write the following digit to identify the year of manufacture. "X" is 1999, according to Triumph's VIN codes.

Step 8

Write the final digits to determine the chassis number. This example uses a chassis number of 100001.

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