How Do I Buy a Car After G1 License?

by John London

G1 is a Level One driver's license in Canada. You only need to pass a computer test and check your eyesight in order to obtain this license. After 12 months you will become eligible to pass a road test of your driving skills and receive a G2 license, a full driver's license. When driving with a G1 license, your blood-alcohol level must be zero and you must have an experienced driver sitting next to you at all times. In addition, you cannot drive between midnight and 5 a.m. and at all times on highways.

Schedule test drives of the models you liked most if you are buying a new vehicle. If you want a used car, try driving the car with its owner sitting next to you. If you are purchasing a used car, get an estimate of how much it costs in the Kelley Blue Book and check the car's condition with an independent and well-qualified car mechanic.

Secure a car loan if you need one. To get a loan for your car, you need to be employed and have a good credit history. You can apply for a car loan at the dealership or at a bank or a credit union.

Buy car insurance. With a G1 license, your insurance premiums will be higher than if you had a G2 license. Accordingly, pass the road test to get a G2 driver's license as soon as possible.