How do I Remove the Battery in a 2005 Mini Cooper?

by Nathan McGinty
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The 2005 edition of the Mini Cooper introduced a few streamlining changes to the body of the car, but the interior parts remained mostly the same. The 2005 Mini Cooper uses a battery, placed either in the engine compartment or the trunk, to provide electrical power for the auto and accessories. Removing the battery in a 2005 Mini Cooper only requires a few simple tools and can be done by even the newest shadetree mechanic.

Step 1

Find a flat, even surface with plenty of room in which to work. Shift the Mini Cooper into "Park" and turn off the ignition. Remove the keys.

Step 2

Insert a computer memory saver into the 9-volt socket on your Mini if you want to save any of the computer or stereo settings.

Step 3

Locate your battery. In the 2005 Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper convertible, the battery is in the engine compartment, on the driver's side. In the 2005 Mini Cooper S and Mini Cooper Convertible S, the battery is located in the rear trunk. To access the battery in this location, first lift out the trunk mat.

Step 4

Remove the battery cover by unsnapping it at the sides.

Step 5

Loosen the clamp on the negative battery terminal with a wrench. Pull the clamp off the terminal and place it out of the way of the battery.

Step 6

Loosen the terminal on the positive battery cable. Pull the cable off and tuck it to the side.

Step 7

Remove the battery from the compartment.

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