How do I Change the Bulb Model 6424 in a Blazer Trailer Light?

by Sue Balk
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Blazer International is an aftermarket lighting business owned by Tiger Accessory Group. The company provides complete trailer lighting, lighting products and accessories such as off-road lighting, fog and driving lights, reflectors and tail lamps. Blazer's submersible trailer light kit, model C6424, is a high-quality product for boat trailers. The lights in the kit are not only easy to mount and dismount, Blazer also designed the product with a pop-out bulb assembly for quick bulb changes.

Step 1

Pull out the bulb assembly on the side of the light.

Step 2

Remove the faulty bulb in the assembly by turning it counterclockwise.

Step 3

Grab the new bulb. Insert it into the socket and turn it clockwise.

Return the bulb assembly to the light by snapping it back in place.

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