How Do I Change the Fuel Filter on a 2000 Chevy Express 3500?

by Allen Moore

The 2000 Chevy Express 3500 van has an in-tank fuel pump responsible for moving the gasoline from the tank to the fuel-injection system. While the gas moves through the fuel lines to the fuel-injection system, it passes through a fuel filter, which removes the sediment and any other foreign material that might have found its way into your gas tank. General Motors recommends replacing the fuel filter every 15,000 miles for optimum fuel-system performance. If you have basic automotive-service experience, you can replace the filter yourself in less than 30 minutes.

Drive the front wheels of the Chevy Express onto the ramps, shift it into park and set the parking brake. Pull the fuel system fuse out of the fuel panel and wait for the engine to stall. Take the key out of the ignition and reinstall the fuel system fuse.

Climb under the driver side of the van with the drop pan and fuel line disconnect tool. Locate the fuel filter by following the fuel lines forward from the tank until you spot the filter.

Disconnect the fuel lines from the filter with the fuel line disconnect tool. Slide the filter out of its holster and set it in the drop pan.

Insert the new filter into the holster and connect the fuel lines to the filter. Make sure the flow arrow on the filter aims toward the front of the Express before you connect the fuel lines. Climb out from under the Express with the drop pan and tool.

Turn the ignition key to the run position and wait 15 seconds. Shut the key off and then turn it to the run position once again. Wait 15 more seconds and then start the van.

Release the parking brake and drive the van off the ramps.


  • check See your owner's manual for the location of the fuel system fuse.

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