How do I Change a Fuel Filter in a 1995 Ford Ranger XLT?

by Baptist Johnson
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Changing the fuel filter on a Ford Ranger XLT is a simple, yet important, component of vehicle maintenance. The fuel filter is the part of the fueling system that strains your fuel for dirt and rust particles. Over time, your fuel filter can become clogged with dirt and must be replaced. You should change your fuel filter every 25,000 miles or during every tune-up to keep your Ranger in good driving condition.

Step 1

Park your Ford Ranger on level ground in a safe area. Apply the parking brake to prevent your truck from rolling while you are performing the task. Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable. Unscrew the gas filler cap.

Step 2

Crawl underneath your Ford Ranger from the driver's side. Locate your fuel filter housing unit under the driver's seat. Your fuel filter is a silver or black cylinder attached to a black hose at both ends. This hose is your fuel line.

Step 3

Remove the bolts that secure the fuel filter to the mounting bracket that partially surrounds the fuel filter housing unit with an adjustable wrench. Set the bolts aside. You should now have clear access to your fuel filter housing unit.

Step 4

Loosen the retaining clips with a screwdriver. These are the clamps that cover the connection between the fuel filter and the fuel line.

Step 5

Apply pressure to the push connection fitting to release the fuel filter from the fuel line. The push connection fitting is a small bracket with a white arrow printed on it. Remove the fuel filter once it has disengaged from the fuel line.

Step 6

Replace the old fuel filter with a new fuel filter. Connect the new fuel filter to the fuel line by pushing the ends of the fuel filter into the fuel line. When you connect the new fuel filter, make sure the white arrows on the fuel filter are pointing toward to the front of your truck. You should hear a click when your fuel filter is secured to the fuel line.

Step 7

Reconnect the retaining clips over the connection between the fuel filter and the fuel line with a screwdriver. Secure the fuel filter to the mounting bracket with an adjustable wrench and the set of bolts.

Step 8

Screw your gas filler cap to the fuel tank and connect the negative battery cables.

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