How to Change a Prado Fuel Filter

by Matt Scheer

The Toyota Prado is a designation for the Land Cruiser Series of Toyota trucks in some countries, including Japan and in Latin America. Although the Prado has had many facelifts in its years of production, the process for replacing the fuel filter is very similar throughout. The fuel filter cleans the fuel of particulates before it reaches the engine. The fuel filter should be changed every 50,000 miles. The job shouldn't take you more than twenty minutes to complete.

Step 1

Turn off the engine. Prop open the hood with the hood support rods.

Step 2

Loosen the negative battery terminal nut. Lift the negative battery cable off of the terminal and set it aside.

Step 3

Raise the vehicle on the passenger side with your vehicle jack.

Step 4

Locate the fuel filter below the vehicle beside the rear wheel.

Step 5

Put on plastic gloves. Clamp both tubes feeding the fuel filter with your tube pliers.

Step 6

Pull both tubes off of the fuel filter stems they are attached to.

Step 7

Remove the screw tightening the fuel filter bracket around the fuel filter. Pull the fuel filter out of its bracket.

Step 8

Insert the replacement fuel filter into the fuel filter bracket. Plug the two fuel tubes into the fuel filter's stems. Tighten the bracket around the new filter with the screw you removed earlier. Release the tube clamps. Lower the vehicle. Reattach the negative battery cable.

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