How to Change a Buick Regal Gas Filter

by Matt Scheer

Although the Buick Regal has gone through several generations of design changes in its history, the function of the gas filter remains the same: to strain out pollutants from the gasoline before it reaches the engine. The gas filter is attached to the frame rail of the chassis below the car. Even though the exact location and installation procedure varies with the year and model Regal you own, the process for removing and replacing the gas filter is similar throughout.

Step 1

Open the hood of your Regal. Locate the small black cap on the fuel rail in front of the gas injectors. Pull off this cap to reveal the gas pressure valve. Cover this valve with your disposable towel. Press the valve down to lower the pressure of the gas lines. This safety precaution prevents gasoline from spilling in your face when you remove the gas filter.

Step 2

Put on the parking brake. Raise the Regal up with your car jack and tire iron. Set a jack stand under the Regal. Rest the Regal on the jack stand to ensure additional support. Place wheel blocks around the opposite wheel.

Step 3

Locate the gas filter, a small cylinder about 4 inches long. It has two gas pipes attached to it. Lay disposable towels below the filter to catch any gas that may leak from it.

Step 4

Grip the hex nut on the gas filter joint attached to one of the pipes with a crescent wrench. Grip the collar of the gas pipe with the other wrench. Turn counterclockwise. Pull the loosened pipe off the filter. Repeat this process for the other gas pipe.

Step 5

Loosen the strap around the gas filter. Pull out the filter. Strap in the replacement gas filter. Position the "out" and "in" joints of the filter toward the "out" and "in" gas pipes. Attach the gas pipes to the filter.

Step 6

Turn the ignition to "On" a few times to prime the fuel system. Look below the Regal near the gas filter for any leaks. Retighten the fittings if you notice any leaks. Remove the car jack and jack stand. Remove the wheel blocks.

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