DIY Car CD Player Repair

by Oliver Hill
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Silence may seem less than golden when your car CD player suddenly stops working. But most of the time a car CD player can be repaired easily with minimal fuss and hassle. Before spending a lot of money on a new unit, try these simple DIY repair tips to get your current CD player up and running again.

Step 1

If no audio is coming from the CD player, gently pull the CD player out of its holding and check the two bottom left cables going to the back of the device to make sure they are connected. These cables control the sound going from the player to the speakers, and if they are not properly connected, you will not get sound. Push the CD player back in to the holding.

Step 2

If your CD player is showing the wrong song number, make sure you aren't putting the CD in upside down.

Step 3

If your CD player fails to accept or eject CDs, use a screwdriver to unscrew the four bolts on the outside of your player. When you have the inside of the CD player exposed, use your finger to gently wipe clean the small belt that controls CDs going in and out. Reattach the outside of the player. Cleaning the belt with your finger will help it grip the CDs easier.

Step 4

If your CDs keep skipping, it is usually a dust build-up inside the player. Use a CD player cleaner kit, which should eradicate the problem. A kit includes a special CD that you put into the player to help clean it and remove dust.

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