How to Disable the 1994 Toyota Camry Alarm System

by Ian Sandusky

The 1994 Camry is an automobile manufactured by Toyota Motors. It came in both a two-door coupe version as well as a sedan. The Camry came equipped with a stock alarm system. Disabling the system temporarily for maintenance or repairs is a simple process that can be done quickly.

Sit in the driver's seat of the Camry.

Look underneath the dash until you locate a small black toggle switch. It will be the only one present on the lower left side. This is the "valet" or "kill switch" for the alarm system.

Press and hold the toggle switch.

Turn the key in the ignition while holding the toggle switch.

Wait until the alarm system makes a single audible notification.


  • The alarm system failing to disable may indicate a more serious problem with your vehicle.
  • Always consult your dealership or a licensed mechanic before attempting any repairs on your own.

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