How to Disable a Security System on a Volkswagen Beetle

by Ashley Hay

The Volkswagen Beetle comes standard with a remote anti-theft alarm system. This system is equipped with an alarm keypad and a chipped key that you can use to control the alarm. The alarm will sound when the Beetle's door or trunk has been opened before you've disabled the alarm. Disabling the alarm does not require any tools other than the alarm keypad or the vehicle's chipped key.

Step 1

Stand within 10 feet of your Beetle. Make sure there are no obstacles between you and the vehicle that might block the transmitter's frequency, such as trees or other vehicles.

Step 2

Aim the alarm keypad toward your Beetle. You may aim the keypad at any side of the vehicle.

Press the "Unlock" button on the alarm keypad one time to disable the alarm. The keypad may have a symbol of an open lock instead of the word "Unlock."


  • If your keypad battery is dead or you've lost the keypad, insert the chipped key into the door or trunk of your Beetle and turn the key to the right to disable the alarm. This will also unlock the doors and trunk.
  • If you would like the alarm to remain off, lock the door using the interior door lock and do not use either the key or keypad to lock the door.
  • If the alarm is sounding, press any button on the remote keypad to silence the alarm.


  • Disconnecting any wires from the Beetle's alarm box will trigger an anti-theft engine protection lock. Once this lock has been triggered, the vehicle will not start.

Items you will need

  • Alarm keypad
  • Chipped key

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