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How to Disable Auto Door Locks on a Toyota Highlander

by Ra Ryuken

The Toyota Highlander's auto-lock function is designed as a safety precaution while traveling so that no doors are opened accidentally, and no one can get in from the outside. When the transmission is pulled from "Park" all the doors will automatically lock. When the transmission is pushed back into "Park" the doors will unlock in the same fashion. It is possible to turn off this auto-locking program in the vehicle's computer.

Step 1

Determine if the Toyota Highlander model uses a smart key system or not. If it does use a smart key system, all vehicle doors must be closed and the "Engine Start Stop" switch must be in the "Ignition ON" position. If there is no smart key system, then all the doors must be closed and the engine switch must be in the "ON" position.

Step 2

Shift the transmission into "Park" or "Neutral" and use the driver's side lock keys "one" or "two" for different functions.

Step 3

Press and hold down lock "one" for about five seconds to disable automatic locking function when transmission is pulled out of "Park."

Step 4

Press and hold down lock "two" for about five seconds to disable auto-unlocking function when transmission is pushed back into "Park."

Listen for a response. The doors will all lock and then unlock when each process is complete.


  • The best reference, which is used for this article, is the Toyota Owner's website. It requires a username and password, and a Toyota vehicle identification number which should be available if this source is important. The website contains any owner's manual put out by Toyota.

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