How to Disable an Airbag Control Module

by Russell Wood

Whether it's for replacing an airbag after an accident or just to customize your car, sometimes you have to remove an airbag control module. This isn't that difficult to do, but it is dangerous without taking proper precautions. Follow along to disable an airbag control module on a 2001 Chevrolet truck.

First, disconnect the battery by unbolting the negative terminal then the positive terminal. Let the truck sit unattended for about 10 minutes so no residual voltage is left in the system.

The airbag control module is located under the driver's seat, so remove the seat using a 3/8-inch ratchet. There is a special tool used to unbolt the seats, but a 12-point socket will also do the job.

Underneath the seat you'll find a flap in the carpet. Pull it up to expose the airbag control module.

Locate a yellow tape-wrapped harness that leads to the control module and the orange clip that holds the harness clip in place. Pull out the orange clip.

Push down the tab to remove the yellow harness from the control module. If you need extra leverage, use a small flathead screwdriver.

With that done, you have successfully disabled the airbag control module. Now you can reconnect the battery and continue on with your project.


  • close Always be sure to disconnect the battery first before working on electrical connections.

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