The Dimensions of the Mercedes Sprinter 311

by Lindsey Fisher

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 311 is an upper-scale cargo van. The van's chassis is steel and is treated with phosphate. A bit pricier than other cargo vans, the Sprinter 311 provides adequate space for most hauling needs.

Exterior Dimensions

The Sprinter 311 is 22.8 feet (6950mm) long. Overall, the width of the van is 7.96 feet (2426mm), with a cab width of 6.33 feet (1930mm). The Sprinter is 8.87 feet (2705mm) in height. With a wheel base of 13.19 feet (4020mm), the overhang in the front reaches 3.08 feet (940mm).

Interior Dimensions

Cargo space is important when considering dimensions of the Sprinter 311. The interior load area length of the Sprinter is 14.11 feet (4300mm), with load height capabilities of up to 6.36 feet (1940mm). The interior load width is 5.84 feet (1780mm). All of this space can be accessed from a loading height of 2.20 feet (670mm).

Other Dimensions

Not only does the Sprinter 311 have adequate hauling space, it also can tow up to 6172.94 pounds, or just over three tons . The entire van is supported by a four-cylinder, 2.2-liter engine and 75-liter (16.5-gallon) fuel tank.

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