Differences Between the Ford Focus & the Ford Fusion

by Gina Stewart
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The Ford Fusion is a midsize car with competitors such as the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, while the Ford Focus is a compact competing with models including the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and Chevrolet Cruze. Both cars are offered as four-door sedans. Ford discontinued the coupe version of the Focus for 2011. Standard equipment on the cars is similar, with exceptions such as an illuminated vanity mirror and trip computer in the Fusion.

Prices and Features

The 2011 Focus S model with a five-speed manual transmission is priced at $15,724 and at the other end the scale, the Focus SEL with a four-speed automatic is priced at $20,642. The 2011 Fusion, depending on the features and engine size, is priced between $19,695 for the basic model and $29,000 for the fully loaded model. Standard on both vehicles are power windows and doors, manual air conditioning, CD players and door-mount and seat-back storage. Options include a delayed power-retention system and four-wheel anti-lock brakes for the Focus.

Engines and Gas Mileage

The standard Fusion is equipped with a four-cylinder engine that produces 175 horsepower. The SE and SEL models have a 3-liter V-6 that provides 240 horsepower. The Focus comes in four trims and the standard model has a 2-liter, four-cylinder 140-horsepower engine. Gas mileage is 24 mpg, city, and 35 mpg, highway, on the base model of the Focus and 23 mpg, city, and 34 mpg, highway, for the base model of the Fusion, according to EPA estimates. On the Fusion, gas mileage could be improved by upgrading to a hybrid edition.

Changes and Warranty

The Focus received several upgrades for 2011 model, including key-less entry, power locking doors and the MyKey Systems, all standard. The Ford MyKey System allows parents to set a top speed, limit the stereo's volume, and have the car chime when the speed reaches certain intervals such as 35, 45 or 55 mph. The Fusion offers more technologically advanced features with real-time weather and traffic; it also includes the Ford interactive Sync system. This system allows for voice commands for radio play and telephone calling. Both cars come with a basic warranty of 36 months/36,000 miles, 60 months/60,000 miles on the power-train and 60 months/unlimited miles on corrosion.

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