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How to Diagnose a Scooter Charging System

by Ann Rach

To get the best performance from your scooter, you must allow it to receive a full charge. Several things can interfere with the charging of a scooter, including a loose or improper connection, a disruption in power or a faulty battery. You must troubleshoot the charging system of the scooter to identify and resolve any problems.

Turn the ignition key to the "Off" position. Locate the battery. Depending on the make and model of your scooter, you may find the battery under the seat or under a panel on the floorboard.

Plug the battery charger into an electrical outlet. Connect the battery charger's red wire to the positive (+) battery terminal. Connect the black lead wire to the negative (-) terminal. If you connect the charger to the battery incorrectly, the scooter will not receive a charge.

Examine two indicator lights on the charger. A green indicator shows the battery charging; a solid red light shows the charger receiving power. A dim or flashing red light indicates an disruption in power. Press the "Reset" button to restore power to the charger.

Replace a battery that does not hold a charge. After one year of use, a battery may become defective, warns Pride Mobility.


  • Use only the manufacturer-approved charger to charge the battery.

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