How to Diagnose Jeep Problems

by William Hall

Diagnosing your own Jeep problems can save you a lot of money. Many of the problems that make people take their vehicle to a garage can be solved with just a keen eye and basic car knowledge. If you're a Jeep owner and need some troubleshooting tips, read on.

Buy a Haynes manual (or similar type) for your particular model and year of Jeep. These are available at auto parts stores or online (see Resources below).

Check your Jeep over on a regular basis, and try to do it the same time every week. Do preventive and minor maintenance yourself, such as oil changes, changing light bulbs and hanging wiper blades. These are not difficult tasks to perform, and they give you the opportunity to look at various areas of your Jeep for future reference.

Many problems will highlight themselves, such as the appearance of metal specks or puddles of oil, coolant or other fluids on the ground around your Jeep. Identify what kind of speck and/or fluid it is and where it may be coming from.

Read customer reviews on the Internet for your particular model of Jeep. This may give you some idea about where to look or when to expect problems (see Resources below).

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