How to Determine Where Tires Are Manufactured

by Tim Plaehn

Thanks to Department of Transportation regulations, the manufacture location of any tire is provided right on the sidewall of the tire. Unfortunately, the information is coded and not directly available. Finding the tire factory location can be done. It can be surprising to find out where your tires were actually produced.

Inspect the tire until you find the Department of Transportation identification number. The string of letters and numbers will start with the letters DOT.

Make a note of the first two digits after the DOT. The digits can be either letters or numbers. This is the identifier for the plant where the tire was manufactured.

Look up the manufacture code to determine the manufacture plant. A link is provided in Resources to a web page that lists all of the DOT tire plant codes for new tires.


  • check The DOT number is usually branded into a tire just inside of the inside rim of the tire.
  • check A shortened, incomplete DOT number is branded on the back of the tire. The short number also includes the tire plant identifier as the first two digits.
  • check The DOT number indicates the tire meets the U.S. safety requirements for tires sold in the U.S.

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