How to Determine Dodge Dakota Axle Ratio

by John Smith
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The Dodge Dakota truck was first introduced in 1987. Over the years, the size and performance of the Dakota model has changed. The axle ratio of the Dakota represents the ratio of driveshaft revolutions to tire revolutions. If your truck has an axle ratio 0f 2.97, that means one full turn of the tire takes 2.97 turns of the driveshaft. Higher numbers usually mean better towing capacity, while lower numbers signify better gas mileage. Use the VIN number of your vehicle to determine your Dakota's axle ratio.

Step 1

Consult your owner's manual for technical specifics about your make and model type. Often the axle ratio will be listed in the manual under the "Specifications" section.

Step 2

Locate the 17-character VIN number. This will most often be listed on the driver's side front door jamb. It can also be on the window (on a sticker) or on the front of the engine block.

Step 3

Write down the VIN number. The last 6 characters represent your Dakota's unique serial number.

Step 4

Call your local dodge dealership or their main line at 800-423-6343. They will be able to give you the exact gear ratio based off the VIN number you have.

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