How to Determine Correct Car Battery Size

by Anthony Smith
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To replace the battery in your car, you must first determine the correct size you need. The battery size, known as the group size, for your car can be found following one of four methods.

Step 1

Refer to the owner's manual for your vehicle, and find the manufacturer's specifications for your vehicle's battery. Specifically, you are looking for what is known as the group size. This will be a shot code consisting of numbers or letters and numbers.

Step 2

See an auto parts professional at a local auto parts store and give him the year, make, and model of your car. He will be able to look up the correct group size battery for your car.

Step 3

Inspect the labeling on your current battery if it is the original battery installed at the factory by the manufacturer. Many times the group size will be printed on the top or side of the battery, along with the cold cranking amps and warranty of the battery.

Step 4

Call or make a visit to the parts and service department of a local dealer that sells your make of car. The staff will be well informed about your type of car, and they can quickly determine the correct size battery for your car.

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