Description of Ford Fuses

by Sean Russell
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Fuse box layouts and fuse placement vary depending on make and Ford model. Replacing a blown fuse is extremely simple once you've figured out which fuse is the issue. Ford fuse kits range in cost from $9 to $20 online. Individual fuses, available at local auto parts stores, cost even less.

Fuse Function

A vehicle fuse acts as an electrical safety device. When excessive electrical current capable of damaging the corresponding electronic(s) passes through the fuse, the circuit is broken. When a fuse blows, the corresponding devices no longer works until the fuse is replaced.

Locating Fuse Box Diagrams

Official Ford fuse box diagrams are available in their respective vehicle's owner's manual and the Ford Fleet website. When troubleshooting a non-working electrical component in your Ford vehicle, begin by locating the corresponding fuse. For example, if the power mirrors stop working on your Ford F-150, check the third fuse location in the fuse box, which corresponds to the power mirrors, memory seats and driver power seat.

Inspecting Ford Fuses

A fuse is blown when the hump-shaped metal circuit within the top portion of the fuse is broken into two pieces. Read the Ford owner's manual section for fuse location and panel description in order to inspect the correct fuse the first time.

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