How to Defrost a Windshield With No Heat

by Matt Scheer
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Finding frost on the car windshield on a cold, winter morning is hard enough. Driving with ice on the glass is dangerous. But, when there is not heat in the car to use the defroster, its even harder because warm air is required to melt ice on the outside of the glass. Luckily, there are some proven methods of removing frost that don't require a heater.

De-icing Formula

Step 1

Spray the window, inside and out with a de-icing formula. These sprays are available at most auto shops and department stores. They melt ice quickly and prevent it from forming on the windshield as easily.

Step 2

After allowing the de-icer to melt the ice, drag an ice scraper across the surface of the windows until the ice is removed.

Step 3

Wipe up any excess moisture on the interior with a rag. Turn on the windshield wipers to clear moisture from the outside of the window. Do not use wiper spray because it freezes easily and can cause frost to accumulate again.

Portable Defroster

Step 1

Plug a portable defroster into the cigarette lighter. These devices are sold for about $50 at most auto stores and are helpful if the heater is broken.

Step 2

Turn the car on to start the defroster.

Step 3

Point the defroster at the window. Hold it close and move it around the interior surface of the glass until the frost is gone.

Step 4

Wipe up excess interior moisture with a rag. Turn on the windshield wipers to clear water on the outside of the glass.

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