How to Deal With an Icy Windshield While Driving

by Amanda Rumble
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Driving requires you to deal with the elements including rain, fog, ice and snow. Ice forms on your windshield when temperatures fall below freezing, making it very difficult -- if not impossible -- to see the road, resulting in hazardous driving conditions. Before you can safely continue toward your destination, you must eliminate the ice on your windshield.

Step 1

Turn on your defrosters on the highest temperature and speed possible. Close the other vents to force more air to go toward the windshield and speed up the deicing process.

Step 2

Turn on your windshield wipers, to clear away as much of the ice as possible. While it may not be melted completely, the force of the wipers can help eliminate the ice as it melts.

Step 3

Pull over to the side of the road, and scrape off the icy layer with an ice scraper. The few minutes it takes to scrape the front and back windows are worth taking, to ensure a safe trip for you and other drivers.

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