How to Cut Steel Chain

by Jonra Springs

Cut steel chain links with bolt cutters. Most steel chains are made of an alloy steel or a blend of metals that offer little resistance against a bolt-cutting tool. Some chains made of carbon steel will be tougher to cut through, but a bolt cutter is designed to cut steel. The long handles and compound hinges of a bolt cutter provide maximum leverage for strong cutting force. Bolt cutters are measured from the tip of the jaws to the end of the handles. They run from 12 inches to 42 inches. In most cases, a bolt cutter is all that's need to cut steel chain.

How to Cut Steel Chain

Step 1

Measure the steel chain to be cut. Consider length in terms of every link needed to reach that length.

Step 2

Mark the link next to the last link needed for your desired length. This link will have to be sacrificed to make the cut.

Step 3

Place the open jaws of the bolt cutter against the marked link and apply pressure to close the handles. Cut one side of the link at a time if the steel is resistant. Discard the link pieces in a steel recycling bin.

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