How to Create an Electric Wiring Diagram

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Wiring diagrams must fully depict the entire electrical circuit system of the vehicle. Even though the appearance of individual components change as the automotive industry modifies them, you can still create a standard diagram showing the electronic connections of chief components. Electric wiring diagrams prove necessary when troubleshooting electronic and electrical problems.

Use ConceptDraw 7 or any graphics software program that includes electrical symbols. Open a "Blank Document." Insert a placeholder text box. Type in "Wiring Diagram" and indicate the year of the automobile.

Include a text box for the legend. Use the same code for certain features. For example, "B" indicates "Starter." Insert symbols and descriptions on the legend for the "Battery," "Generator," "Ignition," "Starter," "Voltage Regulator," "Fuse 1 and Fuse 2," "Four-Pin Connector" and "Ten-Pin Connector."

Insert three circles and designate them as "Ground Strap 1," "Ground Strap 2" and "Screw Connection."

Embed two legends on the diagram, one for the "Wiring Color Code" and the other for "Wire Cross-Section Dimensions." Conform diagram lines to the colors on the "Wiring Color Code." Insert two main text call outs. Entitle the first, "Wire Routing Consumer Circuit" and the second, "Vehicle Ground."

Divide the diagram into six main sections. Title these, "Engine Stop Switch," "AC Generator," "Headlight," "Battery," "Spark Plug" and "Tail Light." Specify connections and locations specific to the engine in question. Map lines and line hops joining each main section.

Affix standard connections for the fuse designation to show the amount of amps in the fuse container. Show mapping connection locations of the relay control on the relay board. Add clear circles to indicate a threaded relay pin and show removable lines. Trace internal connections of electrical flow within each component.


  • check It is helpful to include arrows pointing to successive pages if the wiring diagram is not confined to one page.

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