What Could Be the Reason My Car Smells Like Gasoline?

by Jennifer Eblin

If you climb into your car and notice the smell of gasoline, you might start to worry. There are several reasons why your car might smell like gas. While some aren’t serious, there are a few potentially dangerous ones.

Fuel Line

Pumping gas

One cause for the smell of gasoline is a ruptured fuel line. If this is the problem, you might notice that the smell seems to come through the heating or air-conditioning vents.

Fuel Tank

Checking under the car

A ruptured fuel tank is another potential cause of a gasoline smell. This is more common in older cars and those with a metal fuel tank, as the metal can become rusted.


Leaks can often be fixed easily by a professional.

If any part of the fuel line, tank or anything related to those parts is leaking, you may smell gas inside your car. These leaks can often be fixed easily by a professional.


Wash your hands and change clothes to see if the smell remains

At times, the smell can be caused by something as simple as getting gas on your clothing, hands or shoes at the gas station. Use caution when pumping gas. Wash your hands and change clothes to see if the smell remains.


Car mechanic and customer

If you aren’t sure why you smell gas, have your car checked by a professional mechanic. If there’s a serious problem, the mechanic can diagnose the problem. Trying to fix the problem yourself at home can make it worse.

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