How to Replace the Fuel Pump on a Firebird

by Chris Moore

The fuel pump on a Pontiac Firebird is directly connected to the fuel tank. If you need to replace the fuel pump yourself, you must disconnect and remove the tank from the car to change the pump. Before working on any part of the fuel system, you need to remove all pressure in the system. You also must drain the gas from the tank to perform this maintenance, so it helps to have the Firebird already low on fuel.

Step 1

Relieve the pressure in the fuel system. Open the gas cap, go to the fuse box within the engine and remove the fuse for the fuel system. Start the engine and let it run until it stops. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Step 2

Raise the car on jack stands and drain the fuel from the tank. Remove the tank's drain plug or the line running to the fuel filter. Make sure you know how much fuel is in the tank and have an approved container to pour it into.

Step 3

Clean the fuel system's exterior, especially around the fuel-sender assembly. This will prevent anything from contaminating the fuel system upon disassembly.

Step 4

Disconnect and remove the fuel tank and sender assembly from the fuel pump. Disconnect the fuel sender from the tank by removing its retaining ring and remove the pump from the sender.

Step 5

Install the new fuel pump onto the fuel sender and attach the sender back to the tank. Use a new strainer with the new pump and new O-rings on the tank's opening groove and the sender feed tube. Fold the strainer over itself and place the sender in the tank carefully so the strainer isn't damaged or trapped by the sump walls.

Step 6

Reconnect the fuel tank, torquing its bolts to 33 foot pounds. Refill the tank, close the fuel cap and reconnect the fuel system's fuse and the battery cable.

Step 7

Turn the ignition switch on (without starting the Firebird) for two seconds, switch it back off for 10 seconds and switch it back on. Repeat this two to three times to restore pressure in the system and check for leaks.

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