How to Check for Fuel Delivery in a Chrysler Sebring

by Editorial TeamUpdated November 07, 2017

How to Check for Fuel Delivery in a Chrysler Sebring. The Chrysler Sebring exists in three distinct auto body types. The Sebring coupe began production in 1995 and was discontinued in 2005. The Sebring convertible began production in 1996. The Sebring midsized sedan began production in 2001. Regular unleaded gasoline is the standard fuel for all Sebring engines except for the 2.7L DOHC 24V six-cylinder engine that accepts both regular unleaded and the alcohol-based E85 flex fuel.

Check the Chrysler Sebring fuel delivery if the engine does not start immediately, if it stalls or exhibits low power.

Relieve fuel system pressure. Disconnect the fuel pump relay from the power distribution center. Start the car and let the engine run until it stalls. Try to start it again and don't continue until the engine doesn't run at all. Turn the ignition switch to the "off" position.

Remove the vacuum line from the fuel pump pressure regulator and check for fuel. Refer to the owner's manual for the line's location. There shouldn't be any fuel in the line. If there is, the engine problems are likely caused by a faulty fuel pump pressure regulator, which means the fuel is flowing back into the lines rather than into the engine. If there is no fuel in the lines, reattach the vacuum line and continue with the fuel delivery diagnostic.

Reconnect the battery and twist off the fuel pressure test port cap. Attach a fuel pressure test gauge to the fuel pressure valve. Turn the engine on and let it idle.

Check the gauge. It needs to read between 55 and 62 psi. Pressure that's too high or too low may mean the fuel pump is malfunctioning or that the fuel filter is clogged.

Remove the pressure gauge. Disconnect the negative battery cable again and relieve fuel system pressure so you can remove the fuel filter to check for clogs.

Disconnect the fuel pump module and unlock the fuel pump locking tabs. Remove the strainer and o-ring. Remove the inlet fuel filter from the fuel assembly. On Sebring 2001 through 2005 models the fuel filter is integrated with the fuel pump inside the fuel tank. To access the filter, drain the fuel tank into an approved container.

Visually inspect the filter for clogs. Reinstall it if it's in good working condition by reversing the above removal process. Replace the filter if it's clogged, or if it's been more than one year or 47,000 miles since it was last replaced.

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