Cost for a Mechanic to Replace a Heater Core

by Dave Lawrence
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The cost for a mechanic to replace a heater core varies depending upon the type of automobile and the complexity of the repair. There is also considerable variation in the hourly rate charged by mechanics.


The mechanic should give an estimate of how many hours it will take to replace the heater core on your particular car model. The labor hours multiplied by the mechanic's hourly rate will be your labor cost. However, there can be additional charges if the mechanic runs into other problems while doing the repair.


The price of a new heater core must be factored in to the costs of repair. The mechanic may charge for additional items such as coolant.

Heater Core

A bad heater core can cause the inside of the vehicle’s windows to fog up. Also there may be engine coolant leaking into the vehicle from under the dashboard.


There are many factors that affect the cost of replacing a heater core. Generally, the cost for a mechanic to replace a heater core ranges between $300 and $500 as of December 2010.

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