How to Get a Copy of a New Jersey Driving Record

by Lindsey Thompson

Whether you need it for a new job, to obtain auto insurance or for a court case, your New Jersey driving record comes from the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. You can request one of three types of abstracts in New Jersey -- a certified complete driver history; a certified, five-year driver history; or a non-certified complete driver history.


To obtain your New Jersey driving record online, fill out the online request form found on the New Jersey MVC website. You will need a MyMVC account and ID number first. The driver history abstract online application asks for your MyMVC ID number, driver’s license number and Social Security number. You must also choose what type of abstract you want and enter your contact information and payment information. Each type of abstract costs $15 as of 2015.

By Mail

To request your driving record through the mail, download and print Form DO-21, Driver History Abstract Request, from the MVC website. Fill in all your contact information, including driver’s license number and date of birth, and indicate what type of abstract you want. Using the list provided on the form, pick the reason you are requesting the driving record and sign the form. When mailing to the address included on the form, include a check or money order for the fee, which was $15 as of 2015.


To purchase the certified, five-year driver history, you must visit a New Jersey motor vehicle agency or regional service center. Use the search feature on the New Jersey MVC website to find the agency nearest you. You'll need your driver's license and Social Security number when applying in person.

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