How to Convert a SCFM to PPH

by Joshua Laud

If you are trying to measure volumetric efficiency and engine flow, then you will recognize terms such as standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) and pounds per hour (PPH). If you want to work out the PPH using the SCFM, then you must understand that you are reworking the equation for required airflow in reverse. This equation goes on the assumption that you are in standard atmospheric conditions.

Step 1

Read the following equation -- this is the base level equation you will be working from:

SCFM = 2.723 x PPH

Step 2

Divide, using a calculator, the SCFM by 2.723.

Step 3

Check the result. This result will be the PPH you require. You will now have converted and calculated the fuel flow from the required airflow.

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