How to Add Xylene to Gasoline

by Mark O'Brien

Many premium engines and cars require a higher octane level of gasoline to perform the best. High-octane gas costs more as it increases the power in your engine. Most sports cars or racing cars need 92 octane gas rather than just the standard 87 level of octane most cars take. Increased xylene additives are added to gasoline to increase the octane level. You can add xylene yourself to increase the octane level in your gas.


Read your car owner's manual to find out the capacity of your gas tank in gallons.


Multiply the gallon capacity of your gas tank times 30%. This number will give you how much xylene you need to add to get 87 octane gas to 92 octane gas. Now take your car's gas tank capacity and subtract this new number you calculated. This will tell you how full to fill your gas tank so there will be room for the xylene you will add.


Run your car until it is almost completely out of gas. Fill your car up with the proper amount of standard 87 octane gas (gas tank capacity minus 30%).


Fill the gas tank the rest of the way full (30%) with liquid xylene.

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