How to Connect a New Car Battery

by Fred Wood
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If your battery dies and will no longer take a charge, it may be time to replace your car battery. You can take your car to an auto shop to get one in, but with a few tools, you can replace the battery yourself. After you have taken out your old battery, you can begin to replace and connect a new battery. Don't throw your old battery in the garbage with the rest of your household trash. You should take it to a recycling center because batteries contain toxic liquids that require proper disposal.

How to Connect a New Car Battery

Step 1

Put the new car battery in the tray that the old one was in. It should face the same direction that the old one was in.

Step 2

Attach the bolts or screws that hold the battery in its place. Use the screwdriver for this step. Make sure you screw the bolts or screws on very tight.

Step 3

Place the battery cables on the battery terminals. Check your car's manual to see if it has a negative ground. If it does, then the positive cable will go back first. It will have a "+" sign or "POS" on it. Use the adjustable wrench to tighten the nut and bolt on the clamp that holds the battery cable. After you do the positive cable, then do the negative cable the same way. If your car has positive ground, then you will first do the negative cable.

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