How to Compare a 4WD SUV

by Tiffany Holley

Four-wheel drive is a specific type of drive-train system that can send power to all four wheels simultaneously. This is a popular option as it provides added safety and traction in slippery road conditions. When purchasing a four-wheel-drive SUV, there are a few key features on each make and model that you should compare.

Comparing 4WD SUV's

You will find several popular four-wheel drive SUVs, including: Acura MDX BMW X5 Ford Edge Honda Pilot Hyundai Santa Fe Lincoln MKX Nissan Pathfinder Subaru Tribeca Toyota 4Runner Toyota FJ Cruiser Volvo XC90

Write down all of the features of each SUV. Important are towing capacity, engine type, off-road capabilities, tires and ground clearance. Also choose what type of four-wheel drive system you want, as there are three different types: automatic, full-time and part-time 4WD. Also note other features, such as available colors, seating options and included electronics.

Pare your list down by detemining which SUVs lack the features you desire.

Test-drive the remaining SUVs on your list.

Research consumer reviews on sites such as Consumer Reports and Edmunds, so that you know you are getting a tough, rugged, reliable four-wheel drive SUV.


  • check Knowing the differences between the three types of 4WD systems will help you with your purchase decision.

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