Common Problems in a C5 Corvette

by Christian Mullen

Chevrolet Corvettes that were made from 1997 through 2004 are known as C5 models. This denotes the fifth generation of the car in regards to its exterior design. The two most popular colors of C5 Corvettes are red and black, followed by silver, yellow and blue.


C5s, like all Corvettes, are made from fiberglass and will often require panel replacement. If you are buying one used, inspect the whole exterior for replaced panels. Also, check the front spoiler and air dam for damage, as the C5 Corvette sits rather low to the ground. Damage to these parts can indicate how the car was driven by its previous owner.

Steering Wheel Lock

C5 Corvettes often have a faulty steering wheel lock, which (when working properly) is a theft deterrent that will lock the steering wheel to prevent the C5 from being driven. Check the car's records to see if the steering wheel lock recall was taken care of on that particular car, as some have not been fixed.

LED Dash

The LED dash can be problematic in C5 Corvettes. Check to see if the LED dash is working properly and that all the climate control numbers and gauges are visible. Even if the C5's air conditioning is working properly, the LED dash can have existing problems that can be repaired by replacing a module, which can cost as much as $300 in 2010.

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