What Color Paints Do I Need if I Want to Repaint My Grasshopper Mower?

by Andrea Griffith

The Grasshopper Mower line was designed to cut both small areas or acres of lawn with ease, give your lawn a perfect cut with deep cutting chambers, keep you comfortable with a well-padded seat, and reduce gas prices with its diesel engines. When it comes to painting your well-loved Grasshopper, you'll only need a few colors.


The majority of a Grasshopper mower is a light, milk chocolate color. The front-mount decks, the overhead bar and the back deck are all painted the same light brown. Consider using "Chocolate Sprinkle" by Behr, "Gardener's Soil" by Valspar or "Brevity Brown" by Sherwin-Williams. If you prefer the ease of spray painting, consider these two different spray brands in chocolate brown tones: "Gloss Brown" by Rust-Oleum or "Earth" by Kylon.

Light Tan/Cream

There is also a light tan or cream shade on the Grasshopper mowers. The tractor, wheels, seat and the small area on top of the front-mount deck are all painted this light, complimentary color. Consider using "Popcorn Ball" or "Cracked Wheat" by Behr, "Flan" by Sherwin-Williams or "Cream In My Coffee" by Valspar. If spray painting your mower, consider "Oyster" by Rust-Oleum or "Sweet Cream" by Krylon.

Reddish Orange

The last color on the Grasshopper line of lawn mowers is a reddish orange shade. This color is on the side of the tractor, on the back of the font-mount deck just below the seat, on the back of the tractor, and on the back of the set. The grasshopper icon and the word "Grasshopper" followed by the model number are also painted in this reddish orange color. Consider using "Grenadine" by Behr, "Fireworks" by Sherwin-Williams or "Cherry On Top" by Valspar. Since the graphics and lettering are small, it is best to use paint and a paint brush rather than spray paint for this color.


Before repainting your Grasshopper mower, you will need to clean it thoroughly. First water it down with the your hose, then use a detergent or mineral spirits and a water dampened cloth to clean it. Allow it to air dry completely before starting to paint. If you need more than one coat of paint, allow the paint to dry for eight hours between each coat. When finished, allow the mower to dry for a full 24 hours before operating it.

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