How to Clean Oxidized Headlights on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Lee Sallings
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4x4 jeep`s head light. image by Sergejs Nescereckis from

The plastic headlight lenses on your Jeep Grand Cherokee fade, oxidize and turn yellow over time and with exposure to the elements. The result of this is a headlight that projects less light and is more difficult to see by other drivers. Restoring the lenses to near factory look and performance is possible with a headlight restoration kit available at your local auto parts store. This do-it-yourself project will save hundreds of dollars in repair costs when compared to the cost of replacement headlight lenses.

Step 1

Remove the damaged surface of the headlight lens with the first stage of sandpaper, supplied in the kit, and plenty of water. The heavy grit paper will remove the old surface sealer and the dull yellow oxidation and leave a smooth, clean surface.

Step 2

Polish the fresh surface by using the light grade sandpaper and water to remove the scratches left behind by the heavy grit paper. The headlight lens will start to appear clear and smooth. Continue the polishing process with the polishing compound and soft cloth supplied in the kit. Use a circular, overlapping motion to avoid rubbing waves into the lens.

Step 3

Clean off all residue from the polishing compound with water and a lint-free towel. Seal the restored surface of the headlight lens with the sealer and soft cloth, or foam brush supplied in the kit. Apply the sealer in one direction using overlapping passes and avoid overworking the areas. Two coats are usually required to completely cover the lens.

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