Color Options of a 70 Cuda

by Lizzie Brooks
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The Barracuda was produced by Plymouth from 1964 through 1974, with a major redesign of body and engine in 1970. The car was offered as a basic model, named the Barracuda; a luxury model, called the Gran Coupe; and a performance model, called simply, the 'Cuda. Halfway through 1970, the AAR 'Cuda was released.

Tans and Yellows

There were four options in the yellow and tan color range for the '70 'Cuda. These were: Citron Mist Metallic (FY4), Yellow Gold (DY3), Burnt Tan Metallic (FT6) and Lemon Twist (FY1).

Reds, Oranges and Browns

Five options were available for red, orange and brown paint colors. These were: Sandpebble Beige (BL1), Deep Burnt Orange (FK5), Vitamin C (EK2), Tor-Red (EV2) and Rallye Red (FE5).

Blues, Greens and Violets

The widest range of color choices was in the blue end of the spectrum. Paint choices included: Lime Light (FJ5), Ivy Green Metallic (EF8), Lime Green Metallic (FF4), In Violet Metallic (FC7), Jamaica Blue Metallic (EB7), Blue Fire Metallic (EB5) and Ice Blue Metallic (EB3).


There were two neutral colors available. These were Black Velvet (TX9) and Alpine White (EW1).

High-Impact Paints

The following “high-impact” paint colors were available at extra cost: Lemon Twist, Tor-Red, In Violet Metallic, Vitamin C and Lime Light. These colors added approximately $15.00 to the price of the car. The high-impact paint colors were given flashier names than standard colors. Reportedly, the following color names were considered, but rejected, by Chrysler: Catch Me Copper, Hi Ho Silver and Gang Green.


Two colors were introduced in late 1970 with the release of the AAR 'Couda. These were Sassy Grass Green (FJ6) and Moulon Rouge (FM3). Both were high-impact paint colors.

Interior Colors

Vinyl bucket seats were available in Bright Blue (H6B5), Red (H6E4), Dark Green (H6F8), Saddle Tan (H6T5), Black (H6X9) and White (H6XW). Cloth and vinyl seats were available in Burnt Orange (H5K4), Blue (H5B5), Green (H5F8) and Black (H5X9). Leather seats were available in Black (PRX9), Black and White (PRXW), and Saddle Tan (PRT5). With this package, only the front seats were leather and the rear seats were covered in vinyl.

Restoration Colors

Restorations are, of course, not limited to stock colors and many muscle car owners take great pride in doing custom paint jobs.

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