How to Close a Power Sunroof

by Jordan Whitehouse

A sunroof is a window on the top of the vehicle that lets light and fresh air into the vehicle. Some sunroofs cannot be opened or closed, while others can be opened manually by sliding the window open or closed along a track. Some sunroofs use an electronic operation where you either press and hold a button or press a button once to open or close the window.

Locate the power sunroof button in your vehicle's interior. Like in the 2010 Subaru Forester or the 2010 Ford F-150 FX4, the button should be located near the sunroof itself. If your vehicle has overhead lights, check for the button between or near the lights.

Push the sunroof button forward to close the sunroof. In some vehicles you will have to hold the button until the sunroof has closed, while in other vehicles you will only have to push the button forward once and it will close.

Close the sunroof only partially by pushing the sunroof button forward once and letting go. You'll see that the sunroof closes about half way. Not all vehicles allow you to do this, but if you have a vehicle like the 2010 Subaru Forester, you will be able to close the sunroof partially. To close the sunroof fully after it has been open halfway, push and hold the sunroof button forward until the window has closed.


  • check Some sunroofs will allow you to push straight up on the button to make the back of the sunroof glass angle up and allow some air in. To close this, push back on the button as you would to slide the glass back to open it fully.


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