How to Clean a Motorcycle Exhaust

by Steve Smith

Cleaning motorcycle exhaust is one way to make your ride look brand new again. Exhausts tend to pick up a lot of dirt and, because they get really hot, they can even melt rubber soles on boots, or burn off parts of your pant legs.

Treat the exhaust with a chrome cleaner (if it is chrome) and let it set into the chrome for a short while. Scrub with a soft brush and pad until the dirt is removed.

Polish the chrome pipes with chrome polish. Apply it using a soft rag and rub into the chrome in a circular motion. Then buff out the polish with a clean rag, or powered buffer and clean, soft chrome pad. Repeat until the pipes are shining and clean. If the exhaust is not chrome, go to step 3.

Treat the exhaust pipes with any metal cleaner you find at the motorcycle parts store. Find one that matches your pipe's material. If it is carbon fiber, use a high quality carbon fiber cleaner. It it is steel, use a steel cleaner and grease remover. Scrub with a stiff pad and then rinse.

Apply a steel polish to the exhaust with a soft cloth. Rub it into the pipes, then buff it back out with a softer pad or buffer. For tough, melted-on stains, go to step 5.

For melted-on plastic, or burns from blue jeans, you need to take special steps. A good solution is to apply "Blue Job" cleaner to the area. Add some water to the mixture and make a paste. Then paint it on the pipes. Using a cloth wrapped around a piece of wood, scrape the melted material off the bike. Scrub vigorously, and eventually the melted materials will come off.

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