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How to Clean an Air Filter on a Scooter/Moped below 150cc

by braniac

This is designed to help the novice person clean the air filter on their scooter/moped to prolong engine life.

Step 1

Arrow Points at Air Filter Housing

You need to locate your air filter assembly. Take a look at the picture below to find it.

Step 2

Next take a screwdriver and start to unscrew the screws holding the housing together. Once you unscrew the housing you need to pull the two halves apart.

Step 3

Inside the housing you will see a small sponge.. normally gray in color(It may look different depending on the brand of moped you own). Take the sponge out and if it is still in one piece you can clean it.

Step 4

Using normal hand cleaner and warm water rinse the sponge repeatedly. Make sure you get most of the dirt out. Next set the sponge out to dry.

*****MOST IMPORTANT STEP********* After the sponge dries out make sure you squeeze a tablespoon of automotive oil back into it. This is what traps the dirt. Then reinsert the sponge back into the housing and screw it tight.


  • You should repeat this step every 3 months or so for an optimal running moped.

Items you will need

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • water
  • hand soap
  • small amount of engine oil

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