How to Clean a Corolla Throttle Body

by Joseph Cohen

The throttle body is a part of the fuel-injection system, which relays gas to the correct parts of the engine. It works constantly, operating every time the engine speed changes, so it needs to be maintained to operate at peak efficiency. Cleaning the throttle body of a Toyota Corolla is an easy step that doesn't even require the removal of any parts from the vehicle.

Turn the engine off and open the hood of your vehicle.

Clean the throttle body casting with a toothbrush and carburetor cleaner.

Open the throttle plate and clean behind it with the toothbrush and carburetor cleaner.

Clear all passages with compressed air.

Wipe the throttle position sensor with a clean, soft cloth.


  • check Make sure the carburetor cleaner is safe to use with oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.

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